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Ekeme Lysaght SARL Employees

Jacqueline EKEME - Co-Proprietor and Approved OAPI Agent

Jacqueline EKEME

Jacqueline EKEME grew up and was educated in France and moved to Cameroon in 1973 to join her husband in his home country. She spent several years as a legal assistant, and began her career in intellectual property in 1976 as personal assistant to Mr. Marcel WEBER, who had entered into partnership with Lysaght. in Jersey a few years earlier. Following M. WEBER’S retirement in 1978, Jacqueline EKEME took over responsibility for the practice under the business name Cabinet J. EKEME.

In 1998 OAPI introduced a Regulation for the appointment of agents, and Mme EKEME gained the status of approved OAPI agent. She is a proactive member of the Association of Approved Agents and has been the official secretary of the group since its inception in 2000. She is also a member of INTA and over the years she has assisted the OAPI/ARIPO Subcommittee with its work.

Isabelle MBOME (née EKEME) - IP Attorney (Intellectual Property Counsel (OAPI); MA Business Law)

Isabelle EKEME

Isabelle EKEME joined the family firm in 2002, learning initially the procedures involved in filing both Trade Mark and Patent applications at OAPI, and then later specialising in contentious IP matters. She is currently studying for a Masters in Intellectual Property (D.E.S.S) at the University of Yaounde II, in order to consolidate her professional experience, and further develop her skills as regards advising and assisting, having now gained her degree in business law. She passed the OAPI exams to become Conseil en Propriete Intellectuelle in 2007, and hopes to be accepted as an approved OAPI agent in the near future.

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